Within Him Deadly

Seventeen-year-old Dalzell Rossi is a BaxlHeric  – one more immigrant group living in the neighborhoods of 1902 Manhattan. Two years ago, Dalzell broke the secret protocols of her people and let herself be drawn into the life and heart of Irish-boy Bram Neyland.  But when a Baxl gets too attached to someone outside of their own ethnicity, they risk cursing that person with mind control powers.  Powers that cause the non-Baxl to descend into insanity while destroying everything and everyone around them.  It took mere months for Bram to end up cursed.

Dalzell should have then delivered him to her people for a mercy killing, but instead she tried to save him.  She told him every secret of the curse, taught him to hide what he was, and convinced him to keep a healthy distance from all Baxls, especially her, in the hopes of stalling his insanity.

Now in an effort to study, dissect, and eradicate the curse, a group of Baxl scientists are on the hunt for cursed specimens hidden in the general populace. Dalzell can’t let them catch and torture Bram, so she works against her own people to undermine the effort and find Bram herself.  When she does, he has a secret of his own, proof that his being cursed wasn’t accidental and that they’d been set up.  He wants Dalzell to help him uncover what is really going on in the Baxl world, starting with investigating the death of a non-cursed boy.

Even if Dalzell agrees to help him, there’s no reversing the curse or stopping the witch-hunt. Conspiracy or not, rekindled romance or none, Bram will have to die.